Audience comments

"The group has an energy all of of its own. They put their all into the music and it is impossible not to feel it resonating through your being.
From Prana performance

Our Music

This is marimba music from the Shona people of Zimbabwe . The marimba is a traditional African percussion instrument consisting of wooden keys and resonators. Although marimbas were recently introduced to Zimbabwe , many of the songs played on them have been sourced from the m’bira, which is an ancient Zimbabwean thumb piano. The music has been created specifically for raising the spirits, dancing and to keep in touch with ancestors. It is energetic and fast paced with poly rhythmic layers and interlocking melodies, which together create a “kaleidophonic” effect. Some of the music we play is contemporary, mainly from composers in Seattle where marimba music is very strong due to a Zimbabwean master re-locating  there 3-4  decades ago. 

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